(319) 363-8303 or toll free (888)-400-6262

Financial Assistance

The Oncology Resource Advocate will meet with you at your first visit and verify your insurance policy, what it will pay for and what it will not cover. She will help you understand what your responsibility is. If you find you are in need of assistance with your bill, the Oncology Resource Advocate will be happy to review your financial options with you. You will be asked to fill out financial assistance forms and supply a copy of your last income tax return if needed. Our Oncology Resource Advocate is great at identifying resources to help with out-of-pocket drug costs. Please feel free to communicate financial concerns to these members of our team.

Financial Assistance and payment plans are available through Mercy Medical Center

How to Apply for Assistance
If you or your loved one is in need of hospital assistance, please call our office at 319-363-8303 and ask to speak on an Oncology Resource Advocate. Please communicate your need and they will work to help find assistance that best matches your need. They may need financial information such as tax returns, bank statements and or pay stubs to support the financial need.
Itemized Billing for Cancer Policies

To request itemized billing for cancer policies please call 319-369-4505. This is not an automatic process and therefore it is the patients responsibility to request itemized billing.