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Our Services

Oncology Associates at Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids (also known as Iowa Cancer Care) is a group of private practice physicians specializing in the care of cancer and blood disorder patients. It includes physicians who have special training in treating cancer and blood disorders. This care could include treatment through chemotherapy, symptoms management, clinical trials, and psychological. We can provide full service with our onsite lab, infusion area, research and pharmacy. We also have access to a dietitian, social worker and chaplain. Other hospital services are available to you in one convenient location. Our experienced team of specialists work together to provide the absolute best treatment options.

Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology is the care and treatment of cancers provided by a team that consists of Medical Oncologists and Oncology Nurses. This team plays an important role in the care of cancer patients by providing education to the patients and their families about various forms of cancer and the temporary side effects of cancer treatment.

Chemotherapy is a systemic treatment for cancer. The side effects can vary depending on the chemotherapy regimen received. Throughout treatment, cancer survivors are closely monitored by the healthcare team. We have an excellent nursing team that is a great resource for cancer care information.


Hematology is the study of blood and blood-forming tissues and the study of the nature, function, and diseases of the blood and of blood-forming organs. Hematologists often deal with diseases such as anemia, leukemia, clotting disorders like Hodgkin’s Disease, multiple myeloma, lymphoma, etc.

Oncology Resource Advocates

The Oncology Resource Advocate will meet with you at your first visit and verify your insurance policy, what it will pay for and what it will not cover. She will help you understand what your responsibility is. If you find you are in need of assistance with your bill, the Oncology Resource Advocate will be happy to review your financial options with you. You will be asked to fill out financial assistance forms and supply a copy of your last income tax return if needed. Our Oncology Resource Advocate is great at identifying resources to help with out-of-pocket drug costs. Please feel free to communicate financial concerns to these members of our team.

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNP)

Our Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) that works at Oncology Associates has a graduate degree in nursing and has become a specialist in working with oncology/hematology patients. She works in collaboration with the physicians and nurses to provide the patient optimal care. The nurse practitioner offers services of prevention, education, diagnosis, and treatment while receiving your cancer care. Read more . . .


Many of our registered nurses have advanced oncology training and certification. They provide education about cancer and blood disorders. They are your primary point of contact when calling in and asking questions about symptoms, side effect management and any other concerns that arise. They also administer chemotherapy, help manage side effects and coordinate your care in direct collaboration with your physician.

Genetic Services

Cancer is a common disease. However, some people have a greater chance of developing cancer. Our High-Risk Genetic Nurse Practitioner helps patients and their loved ones understand cancer risk factors based on family history and genetics. Read more . . .


The Oncology pharmacy services include comprehensive patient education, continuity of care, convenience, and access to a pharmacist specializing in cancer and treatment. These services include mixing of chemotherapy products for physicians offices, providing take home prescriptions, and filling research prescriptions. The pharmacist providing these services is specially trained to support cancer patients being cared for by Oncology Associates physicians.  Read more . . .

Laboratory Services

Clinical laboratory testing plays a crucial role in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of many diseases including Cancer. Laboratory reports are provided to patients in connection with their chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments. Clinical Laboratory Technologists and technicians, also known as Medical Technologists and technicians, perform most of these tests. Read more . . .